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All About Tweed

All About Tweed

We are all about Tweed

Our Background

Having been raised on a farm I have always had a love for the outdoors and, as corny as it sounds, I grew up on a diet of Wool and Tweed. The timeless baggy wool jumper growing up that kept me warm in the bitter chill of Winter to the timeless Harris Tweed jacket. What can I say....I'm All About Tweed!


So why Tweed???

Isn't it obvious??? If you're on our website then you probably share our passion for Tweed too! Well...for those aren't Tweed aficionados we love the texture and timeless nature of wool. Featured on the catwalks of Paris to the rolling hills of the UK. Sit yourself on a wool sofa and you'll fall in love with the comfort of a Wool sofa. We love the range of patterns and vibrant colours making Tweed such a versatile fabric for any home.

Famous Tweeds???

With our passion for Tweed we have the privilege to work with some of the best and certainly chirpiest producers of Tweed and wool. I'm sure you know of some of the most famous Tweeds including Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon.

Our Products

So not only do we supply a beautiful/handsome selection of tweed fabrics but with our passion for the home we felt compelled to bring these fabrics to a range of furniture and home products. Light up your home with our range of Lampshades to our super sumptuous sofas.

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